The World Loves Mothers.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle this past Sunday. Tour Guide Jennifer said it was her best Seattle trip ever! The aroma of the never ending flower beds, crisp blue sky and warm breeze had everyone walking around downtown Seattle in a state of bliss. It is evident we were all happy because of the weather but also because of this special day we celebrate in honour of our Mother’s. Thanks to all the amazing mom’s out there! We would literally not be here without you.

In Seattle, Jennifer and Sam sat out on Copacabana’s patio and sipped on some ice cold lemonade to cool off from the unexpected Spring heat. If you come to Seattle, make sure you check out Copacabana’s outdoor seating which overlooks the Pike Place Market. Enjoy some people watching and becoming immersed in Seattle’s true essence.

We are writhing with excitement once again in the office and all over town… you want to know why? We are heading to the Rocky Mountains this weekend! We have our green sunglasses on while soaking up this Vancouver sun, and maybe taking a little extra time to sleep because it’s never a dull moment when traveling to the Rockies with Club ESL. Our seats are almost all sold out so hurry up! If you book for this weekend you get a free Canadian flag and green sunglasses to match our swag.

Stay tuned for Rockies pictures! If you missed out on this trip you can already book now for the next trip departing May 30.


Written by Alecia Greenwood