The Rockies Provide!

A new Easter tradition was formed this weekend. Bunnies take over the Rocky Mountains! I had the most amazing time frolicking around on glaciers, frozen lakes, mountains, scenic highways, dance floors and catwalks. With 6 full busses of bunnies, the energy was bountiful and endless. Although we did not get much sleep, the adrenaline and excitement of having over 300 of us in the Rockies, powered us through.



Most of our passengers enjoyed going to the top of the Banff Gondola. This a very popular attraction and with all that fresh oxygen, you don’t even need your morning coffee to feel awake. I had a nice conversation with a guy from Switzerland while walking the gondola boardwalk. This was his second time being in the Rockies and even though he has skied the Swiss Alps his whole life, he explained how the Rockies kept him mesmerized.



We were really lucky this weekend to have had a chance to trail ride by horse back through the mountains! This was a truly outstanding and pivotal life experience for me. I grew up riding horses but an experience like this does not compare. There were even true canadian cowboys there to lead us along the trails!



One of my favourite parts of the weekend was playing games and activities on the bus. We drove through the Ice Field Parkway, which is rated the most beautiful stretch of highway in the world! This road connects Banff to Jasper. Along with the extraordinary mountainous views, we also laughed till our sides were sore, watching participants compete in our “Funny Bunny Game”. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth while saying funny bunny after each marshmallow addition. No chewing allowed either! Michele fit 12 in her mouth, beating out all contestants!


Banff locals were fascinated with our bunny costumes! We had many stares as we strolled down the main avenue of Banff. By that point in the weekend, we had become accustom to our wardrobe addition… Most of us totally forgot we were wearing them and stared right back at the locals in confusion.



The Rockies definitely provided the best Easter weather we could have hoped for. I heard it was overcast and a bit rainy in Vancouver all weekend. Well, you know for next time, the weather is always a bit sunnier in our Canadian desert.


Although the weather was a bit dim on the west coast, there was still lots of excitement. Charles, my co-worker from France enjoyed a trip over to Victoria. On the ferry ride through the Golf Islands, the captain spotted an Orca Whale! He announced this out to everyone so all passengers could get a glimpse of the iconic creature. Although I have lived in Vancouver most my life, events like this will never cease to excite and amaze me.


We had 41 people join our Tuesday Yoga activity! This is amazing and I just want to say good job to everyone for taking care of their physical and mental health!



This weekend we have another exciting tour. Tofino, our West Coast Oasis is calling our names! Learn to surf with the one and only Surf Sisters and ride out your first wave. Become one with nature as ancient trees make you feel small and humbled. Tofino offers the true essence of what it means to be on the Canadian West Coast.


Stay tuned for our May calendar! Check out all the exciting upcoming events and join us to welcome the Summer weather.


Written by Alecia Greenwood