Paws On!

I had the most incredible time in the Rockies this past weekend. A perfect sunny weekend, lively fun-loving group and wildlife friends were all components conducive to a tell tale perfect weekend. Banff avenue had us hooting and hollering as we walked downtown, and even though the early wake-ups were exhausting, the fresh air on top of Sulphur Mountain provided the perfect remedy.


Most people don’t even believe me when I tell them how many bears we saw… even grizzlies! It is the prime season to come across these seemingly gentle and cute creatures. The bear safari on Blue River allowed us a close up… I mean, a REAL close up. I have seen my fair share of bears but even I was in awe of them wallowing around in their natural habitat. I nearly became uneasy of how close we were! But don’t worry, our guides are very experienced and know their way around the animal’s backyard. The guides educated us on many fun bear facts. Most of the bears in this area live between the ages of 15-25 but they can live up to 35 years old! Impressive for such a large animal.



My favourite part of the whole trip was stopping at Dutch Lake for lunch. It is certain that it is warmer in these interior areas of B.C., so we all enjoyed a nice dip in the lake after lunch. I laughed endlessly watching Melanie push Cesar in the water. I also admired Murillo and Matheus do flips off the dock. So much entertainment!



The nice part about this weekend was that it was not a long weekend.. It was quiet and provided for a true canadian experience, away from the mass of tourists. It is always a blast having several busses join together in the Rockies, but this weekend was a very personable and relaxing experience for my group.


I can’t wait to go back to the Rockies but before that, I really hope I can make a trip to Portland. Come check out Buffalo Vintage clothing shop. You can find those perfect cut off Levis you’ve been looking for, and at an extremely low price. Portland is also famous for Powell’s book store… come take a gander. Voodoo’s donuts will wake you up with a nice sugar buzz and then you can go enjoy all the smells from the food trucks.


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Written by Alecia Greenwood