Keep Portland Weird!

Portland has been rated the most liked American city, as well as the beer capital of the world! To me, this sounds like the perfect place to relax and unwind, while getting away from the busy summer streets of Vancouver. Portland is way more chill than the touristic explosion we can see in Vancouver in the summer… the citizens are friendly but nonchalant; perhaps it’s the calm cool attitude that leaves everyone feeling fresh.



If you go to Portland with us, we will take you to all the famous stops. Voodoo donuts are filled with surprises and innuendoes. This is not your typical boulangerie. See the array of ink art pedestrians all around you, maybe serving you your maple bacon donut. Want to have a flashback to childhood? Try the Fruit Loop or Captain Crunch donut.


Join us for a scenic downtown city tour when traveling with Club ESL. Get cozy and check into the boutique hotel we stay at. Our accommodation for the weekend is a perfect depiction of Portland living; artsy and welcoming. On the way back from Portland, we stop at the beautiful Multnomah Falls… Theres something about waterfalls that calms the soul.

Portland is known as the City of Roses. You can walk down the street and find some of the most beautiful flowers to ever be found in a city centre… roses, sunflowers, lilacs. This city is a true treat for the senses.


On top of this spiritual sensory experience Portland is offering you, remember that this city has NO tax! If you want to go to Seattle for cheap shopping, think of Portland. It is one of the most inexpensive places to shop in North America. We will also take you to the Apple Store right downtown. You can buy apple products unlocked, and yes, no tax!

Let’s keep it weird and original. There aren’t many places in this world anymore that are embracing the eccentric and idiosyncratic culture us humans are naturally inclined to. Forget about what the new age brings and channel your inner weirdo this weekend with us! We leave bright and early Saturday morning and arrive back in Vancouver Monday night.



Written by Alecia Greenwood