Give The Gift of Travel

From a travellers perspective, I have seen the effects that a vivacious foreign land can have on my life. We are so fortunate to live in a place where education is so readily available, whether you were born in Canada, or perhaps you have moved here to study…. we are all very lucky. But I have come to realize something over the last few years (while studying and traveling in between). Becoming acquainted with new parts of the world offers an invaluable experience; one that a text book or a lecture cannot provide.

We are told to read, read, read…. and memorize it all! But I find it challenging to fully understand something until I have become immersed directly in it. We are overloaded and bombarded with an overflow of information on the internet. We see endless pictures online and in books. These images create a deep yearning; a desperate desire to one day travel to these places and claim these views with our own eyes.

Travel opens our eyes and broadens our horizons. Personally, travel has been a major contributor to my personal growth, maturity and developing wisdom. Understanding members from a variety of cultures has given me the opportunity to remove my judgments and interact on a more organic level.

The most precious gift of all awaits us when we return home. When we embark on our voyage, we are searching for something; whether it be out there in the land or somewhere deep within us. We may be traveling far away from home but our journey is only bringing us closer to what we know in life. We will enter new cultures and cross strangers’ paths, but what I have discovered is what we are all not as different as we think. I enjoy connecting the resemblances of my friends and family at home, to new friends and family abroad. This provides me a sense of comfort and belonging, no matter how far away I am. It provides us with a new appreciation of ourselves and the place from which we hail.

I know there are many of you out there who love travel as much as I do. I was completely overwhelmed with warmth and happiness yesterday in the office. We had a student come to visit us because she had received a mysterious note from her boyfriend; a surprise awaited her in the Club ESL/Discover Canada Tours headquarters. She arrived and Rebecca passed along the most beautiful array of flowers holding a gift certificate for a trip to Victoria. I was so overjoyed to see someone give the gift of travel!


Next time you are thinking of a gift for your loved one, remember the gift of traveling and all its eminences. Let’s go!

Bon Voyage.


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Written by Alecia Greenwood