Eh List, Since Summer is Leaving!

Did you complete everything you had on your Summer 2014 bucket list? Canada has so much to offer and it has definitely kept us busy.

I always look forward to my long weekends. I know I will be basking in the pure mountainous air, with the sun shining on my face. The surrounding nature makes me feel a sense of home and connection with the planet, while becoming humbled, feeling small next to the breathtaking glaciers. Getting out of the busy city allows us to calm down, and  take the time to smell the flowers!

Our guides Sam and Brooke had an epic past weekend in The Rockies. Sam came into work this morning and explained he had “the best weekend of his life”…. not a small statement to make. It surely proves how spectacular our Rockies trips are, allowing people to get right in the centre of the heart of our country. I don’t think much in this world compares to Lake Moraine’s glacial colours on a hot summer day, with the Victoria Glacier as it’s back drop.

Summer is coming to a close, although I am not verbally ready to admit it. The next couple weekends are the last chances to experience the Rockies and it’s wildlife in the warm weather. The weather in The Rockies is a bit more extreme, and the temperatures may turn quickly. I want to see some last few bears before they go find a bed for the winter!



Written by Alecia Greenwood