Cinco de Mayo and More to Come in May

In dedication of all our friendly Mexicans residing in Vancouver,  we were all so excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We enjoyed a live  Mariachi band with some very talented performers. I learned that Cinco de Mayo is actually not the day that Mexico gained it’s independence. I am happy to have so many Mexican friends as they are always down for a good time!



I am especially excited today! My muscles are sore from running club that took place last Tuesday, and now I can stretch them out at our weekly yoga class. This yoga class takes place at Karma Instructors Yoga studio but we meet at club ESL office (1111 Melville Steet) at 3:20. Come join us and zen out!


This weekend we have some exciting trips coming up! Tofino is one of our most popular trips and it is no wonder why. If you want the true West Coast experience, Tofino has everything you have been looking for; bears, whales, international markets, surfing, ancient rain forests… its zen status in a trip. While growing up, I spent my summers in Tofino with my family. Bon fires, long beaches, and The Surf Sisters hold some of my fondest memories. I thank Tofino for my present day surf skills I can show off on whichever coast I end up.


Too bad it was rainy this past weekend in Seattle… but this Sunday the forecast is calling for 18 degrees and sunny! Seattle, a city located on the seaside glistens like a billion diamonds when the sun comes out. The only thing better than a day in Seattle is TWO days in Seattle. We have our ultimate trip this weekend so enjoy this beautiful upcoming weather and check out the eclectic musical culture of Seattle.


We have so many exciting activities coming up. On Friday we are going Sky Diving! Make sure you sign up in advance or else you may miss your shot.


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Written by Alecia Greenwood